Addiction and Recovery

Do you have difficulty controlling how much you use or how long you use? You continue to use even though it has negative consequences on your life? Part of our mission at Try Stress Management is to raise awareness about Mental Health in general. An important issue in our society is Addiction. This disease can affect anyone. Multiple theories are out there to explain addiction.  There is more and more evidence that shows that addiction is a disease affecting the brain. In fact, this disease short-wires the reward pathway and circuitry of our brain through modulation of specific neurotransmitters. Although it is important to understand the science behind addiction, it is as important to understand the devastating effects it has on people who suffer from it. In this category, our goal is to provide accurate and reliable information about addiction and existing treatments for recovery.

  • Alcoholism is a Family Disease

    February 14, 2018

    Alcoholism is a progressive, fatal illness.¬† The disease does not just affect the problem drinker.¬† The ripple effect of…