Being locked up at home is certainly anxiogenic to most of us. Social interactions become limited and we can find ourselves overthinking and catastrophizing the situation. Besides, feeling lonely is common during those hard times, especially if you are quarantined alone. Now, we should all take a minute to reflect about how we feel in order to be able to work on those feelings and feel better. 

Are you feeling bored? Here are some fun activities to do alone or with your family. The more you keep yourself busy with activities, the less you feel bored.  

Exploit your artistic side

Even if you’re not an innate artist, you can devote your time to painting colourful canvas, drawing and creating art pieces. All you need to start is a pencil and a drawing sketchbook. Remember, it’s not the result of your art that counts, but the creative process you go through and the therapeutic moment when you escape reality and cultivate the fruits of your imagination. When you draw, paint and place colors together, you express your feelings and to me, this is the definition of healing. 

Here are some resources you can consult to feed your imagination: 

Cook with your heart 

Again, even if you’re not a natural cuisine chef, enjoy cooking new recipes and don’t be afraid to fail. Have you ever tried cooking a Tandoori chicken, Moroccan couscous or a Mexican tortilla soup? Maybe it’s time to give them a try. 

Here are dishes ideas you can cook and boast of having cooked them

Move your body 

There are so many ways to exercise, find your favorite. 

Here are some fun workouts: 

  • Walk or jog to a beautiful destination. If there is a splendid view around you, walk alone (and far away from people) to it and appreciate it. If you are a sunset lover, you can jog to a park next to your home and watch the sun gracefully disappearing.
  • Take Zumba courses on YouTube. Zumba is cheerful, it will make you happy… and a bit exhausted later.  
  •  Take some belly dancing lessons. It will enhance your elf esteem and you’ll feel extremely desirable afterwards. 
  • Practice Yoga and meditation 

Learn new languages 

You want to watch Money Heist in its original version? Learn Spanish and take online classes. Not only will it fill your time, but it will also increase your skills and enrich your resume. 

Save humanity by fighting boredom

Your free time, your motivation and your skills are definitely needed during this crisis. We need people like you to save humanity in their own way, even remotely from their houses. Not only you will help people and do good, feel needed and valued, but you will also increase your social interactions and fight your boredom. 

Now, you can also start your own project to help. There’s so many causes you can fight for in an infinite number of ways. 

Here are some inspiring stories: 

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