10 Tips on How Yoga Can be Great Way to Deal with Stress

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As well as being fantastic for our physical health, doing yoga every day is one of the best ways to cope with stress. The benefits of yoga are vast. Here are 10 positive ways to deal with stress through yoga.


Pranayama is one of the most important, but most commonly overlooked aspects of our yoga practice. Spending even just 5 minutes concentrating on your breathing every day is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress. Using gentle ujjayi breathing during your yoga practice will help you connect to your breath and go into a deeper meditative state

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is one of the most relaxing styles of yoga. In our daily lives, we are very busy and so, produce a lot of “yang” energy. Yin yoga gives us the opportunity to really slow down and balance our yin energy with our yang energy. Doing yin yoga at least once a week is one the most fantastic ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

Make your Practice Time Sacred

Doing yoga daily is one of the best ways to deal with stress and depression. To encourage you to make yoga a habit, try to make your practice time sacred. You could do this by putting it in your diary like an appointment or committing to attending a class with your friend.

Practice Forward Folding

Even if you have no time for a 60-minute class, put 5 minutes aside to practice forward folding. Forward folds are one of the best ways to deal with stress when doing yoga. Whether you do a standing or seated forward fold, you’ll feel your brain becoming much calmer.

Meditate after your Practice

After a yoga class, we feel grounded and our heads are clear for meditation. Meditation is one of the most healthy ways to deal with stress, and best of all, it’s completely free!

Don’t Compare yourself to Others

When you practice yoga, try to focus on yourself. Don’t look at others in the room or compare yourself to them. Comparing yourself to others is one of the most unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Remember, yoga is all about the journey, not the end result.

Speak to your Teacher

If you are going to yoga specifically for stress relief, make your teacher aware of this. They are experts in this field and can suggest some good ways to deal with stress through yoga.

Don’t Skip the Savasanah

If you practice at home, you might be tempted to skip the savasana (corpse pose) at the end. Savasana is a wonderful pose for relieving stress. Spend as much time here as you can before you begin your day. It’s an extremely positive way to deal with stress.

Keep a Yogi Mind Outside the Studio

Don’t just keep your positive thoughts inside the studio. Try to live a positive yogi life outside the studio. Learn more about the philosophy behind yoga and try to incorporate it into your daily life.

Find What Works for You

What is stress management? Stress management is dealing with stress in an effective way– the most effective way being the way that fits into your lifestyle. Find what works for you, and stick with it. We hope these 10 ways to deal with stress through yoga encourage you to make yoga an important part of your day. The benefits of the practice are amazing and will help you lead a more calm, carefree life.

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