The Role of Physical Activity in Stress Management

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Stress plays a far greater role on the human body than most people anticipate. It can disrupt your immune system, hormones, sleep, menstrual cycle, mood, and normal bodily functions at a cellular level. When it goes unaddressed, it can lead to chronic stress and long-term damage that can take years to reverse. Treating it early … Read more

Depression – Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Healing Through Exercise


Approximately one in every five young adults between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four suffer from clinical depression. Around five thousand within this group commit suicide every year. Even more disturbing— around seventy-five percent of people with mental disorders, never receive the treatment they need. What is Depression Depression belongs to a cluster of mental … Read more

Can Diet and Other Lifestyle Changes Help with Stress Management?

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Have you ever had difficulty concentrating or feel like you can’t stop worrying about something? Then you have experienced stress. Stress is your body’s approach to responding to any demand or threat. When this happens, your body’s defense system kicks into high gear in a rapid, automatic process which is known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction … Read more

Workplace Stress Management Goals and Strategies

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A stressful workplace is draining on your body, mind, and spirit.  As someone who will be working into the foreseeable future, you must develop effective ways to deal with your workplace stress.  Doing so requires figuring out your stress triggers, why they trigger you, and how to work through them. Different variables affect people differently.  … Read more

Why Exercise is a Great way to Reduce Stress

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We hear the phrase “quality of life” more often than before. That is because this has become the determining factors with which we evaluate how healthy we are living. It is no longer a question of who is the slimmest, or fastest, but instead, who lives with the most sustainable lifestyle that supports longevity. The … Read more

Effective Ways to Deal with Stress During Exam Period

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Stress in the medical or biological definition is considered a mental, emotional or physical process which causes bodily or mental tension. Stress can either be external or internal. It is part of daily routine in life situations which is experienced by almost everyone in their daily activities. However, students find themselves particularly stressed because of … Read more

7 ways to deal with stress


Deep breathing and relaxation of muscles, yoga, aromatherapy, walks are some of the methods that facilitate psychological pressure. Stress occupy us every day, and with it, many of us can not handle . In many situations in life, we can not influence, or we can, as experts say, influence the way we experience the situation … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Deal with Stress and Depression

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The internet is abuzz with ways to deal with stress and anxiety today. Ironically, biological stress was not even documented until the early 1950s. Before Hans Selyre (an endocrinologist) understood and formally documented stress, hundreds of millions of individuals the world over were constantly suffering from an ailment that had no official medical record or … Read more

10 Tips on How Yoga Can be Great Way to Deal with Stress

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As well as being fantastic for our physical health, doing yoga every day is one of the best ways to cope with stress. The benefits of yoga are vast. Here are 10 positive ways to deal with stress through yoga. Pranayama Pranayama is one of the most important, but most commonly overlooked aspects of our … Read more

Healthy & Positive Ways to Deal With Stress for Use in Daily Life

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Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives but no matter how extremely stressful things can get, it is completely up to us on how we’ll let it affect us and how we’ll deal with it. There are a lot of ways that stress can be handled and each person should have their own method … Read more