Beat Stress with these Self-Improvement Apps

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Everyone needs support and motivation at times. Sometimes it helps to have an assistant, trainer, or friend with you, but it’s not always possible.

Consider using your phone for something more than texting, calls, and pictures. Self-improvement apps can assist in achieving your goals.

Develop your brain and personal power using apps that help you stay focused, organized, and productive. Looking to change your lifestyle or make small adjustments in your life? These apps are perfect for a richer, happier you.

Simply Being

This app sets you up with a guided meditation. Choose between 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes and start your meditation session. Add ambient music and background sounds to the mediation.

Use the app to meditate, calm down, or fall asleep. Guided by a soft welcoming voice, take as much time as you need to get to a relaxing state.


Lifetick is an app that is focused on helping you reach your goals. Using the calendar, the app tracks your progress towards goals while helping you realize what’s the most important to you.

Keep track of what motivates you to be the best you can be. This app is ideal for setting both short term and long term goals.  Share your goals with others to feel proud of your accomplishments.


In need of a boost of confidence? Try ThinkUp is the app if you’re looking for positive affirmations that help keep you positive.

Select from a huge array of affirmations in different areas of life, and personalize it by recording in your voice. Create your own aspirations or add background music for further relaxation.

Push negative thoughts out of your head and fill yourself with positive uplifting messages. acts as a personal leadership coach from your phone. Input your activities for the day and analyze the patterns that arise. Figure out how to better manage your habits.

If you’re in need of assistance, connect with a coach to lead you through an issue. Whether you have issues at work, home, or personal problems, don’t worry about being too far from someone to help.


Looking to be more mindful, consider downloading MoodSpace to help combat stress and depression. MoodSpace helps build positive thoughts into your habit.

Write out three good things that you experienced and be able to look at what motivates you each day. Also, keep your thoughts and emotions organized using the digital diary.

Self-Help for Anxiety Management

Better known as SAM, the app educates and helps in alleviating forms of anxiety that bother you. Discover what triggers you and use specialized exercises to combat the issue.

Work on your breathing, stretch your muscles, and keep yourself calm using guided exercises. Monitor your anxiety level and use multiple techniques to reduce your anxiety level.

7 Cups

7 Cups is an interesting app as it connects users to people that are actively listening to user’s problems. Sometimes it makes a world of difference to talk about your problems.

Maybe you don’t want to share your problems with friends or family. 7 Cups gives you the opportunity to connect with other people that are present to help you through hard times.

Pocket Yoga

Need some guidance on your yoga? Look no further. Pocket Yoga shows you single poses or entire routines to perform.

Choose different styles and change the difficulty level of your yoga session. The app provides audio and video instructions to help users through poses.


Breathe2Relax takes the basic necessity of breathing and shows the user how powerful it can be. The app includes guided breathing exercises using a method known as “diaphragmatic breathing.”

Learn the best type of breathing techniques to combat stress and anxiety. Based on your mood, the app provides specialized exercises to lessen the effects of stress.


Pacifica provides personalized methods of combating stress and anxiety in your life. The app tracks your mood and energy level throughout the day.

Pacifica is based on cognitive behavioural therapy that combines deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation. The app helps you understand your behavioural patterns or triggers.

Finally, technology is always changing and improving. It may be difficult to stay with the latest and greatest. However, it can be helpful for someone who is looking to make changes to their lifestyle.

There are so many ways to combat and prevent stress-related problems. Everyone has to figure out what works best to tackle his or her issues. Most people have a smartphone now! Why not use it for more than phone calls and pictures?

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