The First Stepping Stone to Reduce Stress

There is a whole industry that tackles self-development and teaches individuals how to increase their productivity and improve themselves in different aspects of their life. There are multiple facets of development; it’s like an onion really, with multiple layers to be peel and with every layer that is gone, a breakthrough is achieved.

To start off, what is the easiest thing one can do to instantly help reduce stress levels?

Some may point out to exercise, others tend to go out to get some fresh air, but what if you don’t have that luxury? What if you’re sat at home and you’re dwelling over something that has happened to you recently and you’re having a hard time getting over it, what happens then? What can you do instantly to change that?

Affirmations are the answer.

Affirmations are sentences that are stated in an asserting manner that help accentuate the responses in the brain that are linked to self-esteem and confidence. To make things a little clearer – it’s the equivalent of the little voice in your head that feeds you negative thoughts and tells you that you’re not good enough or adds additional stress to your life. Having that explained, now realize that affirmations work in the same way, have the same influence, however they function in the opposite manner – they encourage you. That is, if your self-told statements are empowering and push you to become more confident, better spoken or whatever weakness you see yourself as having, they will help you achieve that.

Let’s take an example of someone who has a hard time adjusting themselves to the environment around them and they project themselves as less confident than what they’d ideally want. In its roots, the problem stems from poor self-esteem or low confidence.

How will affirmations improve this?

To be able to say in front of a mirror positive statements that help encourage and grow a better self-image that help with increasing self-esteem and confidence. For example:

“I expand in knowledge every day as I increase the diameter of my comfort zone.” 

“I am confident in my ability to speak in public as I express myself clearly and effectively in front of others.”

It takes time to be able to see progress, it’s not as clear as daylight, at times even. However, you must be aware of the circumstances around you and ask yourself if certain situations become easier to handle or if you feel more encouraged during the day than discouraged. These are the things that will indicate your progress level. It might not be as clear as seeing physical fat loss for example when exercising, but if you open your eyes a little wider you’ll be able to distinguish small improvements during your daily activity.

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