Unemployment Is A Source Of Stress – This is What You Should Do

Unemployment is a major cause of stress among individuals. Eight in 10 adults find looking for a job as stressful. According to the United States Bureau of statistics, there are 6.6 unemployed Americans as of December 2017. In the United Kingdom, the number of unemployed individuals was 1.43 million as of July 2017.

This statistics show that unemployment is a global problem that faces almost all the countries in the world. The majority of those who go through unemployment are youths who are straight from college and people who lose their jobs.

Unemployment can be a devastating experience especially if you have bills that need to get paid and nothing seems to come up.

What do you do when you are among the people experiencing this phase?

Yes, it’s just a phase keep that in mind.

Find a source of income

The first step is finding a source of income that will enable you to get cash for the bills. List at least ten skills that you have either gained from college, interests, and work/life experiences.

Even something as simple as lawn mowing or data entry is a skill. Then go over to your computer or phone and search data entry job in New York for example. Apply to all the relevant jobs showcasing how you are the best candidate for the job.

You can even go further and post an ad on sites as a job seeker to potential clients. There is also the option of finding jobs that you can do from home. All you need is the right skills and the willingness to learn how to do stuff.

Start your own company

Maybe you have always wanted to start a company, now is the time to go deeper and find out if that idea(s) have an existing market. Come up with a business plan and find out if you can get funding for the business.

If you can’t get funding start small and have the patience to let the business grow.

Make sure that you get feedback from investors why they can’t fund your business. They may have very good reasons that could be an eye-opener.

Adjust your standards of living

Being employed provided you with security by being assured of a monthly income at the end of every month. Now there’s no salary to depend on. It’s time to adjust your living standards.

If you live in an expensive house that could only be paid by your salary, it may be wise to move out. You don’t want to be so stressed because you have no idea how to pay the rent.

It is also time to stop buying things that you don’t need. Like new clothes or a new car. Accept that the money you have in your account is the only thing you have now. So don’t go spending on what you can’t afford.

Look for opportunities around you

Interact with as many people as you can during this phase, you may land a job, a gig or even a contract during networking events. If you go to church interact with the members and leaders of your church and ask around if you can do things for them for a fee.

Local schools may be looking for a coach for their football team too, how will you know if you don’t ask? Your neighbours may be looking for a babysitter or dog walker. There are immense opportunities when you interact with other people.

Don’t shut yourself in the house feeling sorry for your predicaments. Be proactive and find the opportunities yourself.

Manage your time

When you are unemployed, you have all the time to yourself. You may find yourself watching television the whole day or playing X-box. This is the time to be intentional about your choices. Plan your days and have a specific schedule to do things. Don’t get into the temptation of being a couch potato. Just get out and do things that need to get done.

For example wake up by six in the morning, go for a run, take a shower, take breakfast, apply for jobs, hone skills and talents or take a walk. Have a schedule and stick to it.

Avoid Debt

It might be tempting to get a loan to buy the things you can’t afford but it is not worth it. You will be more stressed because you have no means of paying the debt.

Again live within your means until something better comes up.

The unemployment phase might be a challenge but you can take it as an opportunity to push yourself to do things you have always wanted to do. Like being your own boss or pursuing your passion. Have a positive mindset and keep in mind that it is only a phase and like all things in life if you are determined, it will pass. All the best. You can do it.

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