Nurture Your Mental Health: Food to Eat and Avoid

Nurture Your Mental Health: Food to Eat and Avoid

As the adage goes, you are what you eat. Your food choices every single day have significant effects not only on your body but also on your mind. How is it possible, you ask? In biology, serotonin is the neurotransmitter responsible for sleep, mood, and appetite regulation. Your gastrointestinal tract produces serotonin. The good bacteria … Read more

Nurturing Peace: How to Deal with Stress During Pregnancy

how to deal with stress during pregnancy

How to Deal with Stress During Pregnancy? Pregnancy is a remarkable journey, but it can also come with its share of stress and anxiety. It’s essential for expectant mothers to prioritize their emotional well-being for the sake of both themselves and their growing baby. In this article, we will explore effective strategies to nurture peace … Read more

Stress-Busting Workouts: The Best Exercise to Reduce Stress

best exercise to reduce stress

Amid the chaos of our daily routines, stress often creeps in like an unwelcome guest. But here’s the good news, exercise can be removed from your routine permanently with some simple exercises. It’s not just about staying physically fit; it’s also a powerful way to tame the stress beast. In this article, we’ll dive into … Read more

Why Exercise is a Great way to Reduce Stress

ways to deal with stress

We hear the phrase “quality of life” more often than before. That is because this has become the determining factors with which we evaluate how healthy we are living. It is no longer a question of who is the slimmest, or fastest, but instead, who lives with the most sustainable lifestyle that supports longevity. The … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Deal with Stress and Depression

ways to deal with stress

The internet is abuzz with ways to deal with stress and anxiety today. Ironically, biological stress was not even documented until the early 1950s. Before Hans Selyre (an endocrinologist) understood and formally documented stress, hundreds of millions of individuals the world over were constantly suffering from an ailment that had no official medical record or … Read more

It’s Now Time to Move: Reasons to Be Active for Better Mental Health

It’s Now Time to Move: Reasons to Be Active for Better Mental Health

One of the first tips if you want to stay fit and healthy is to add a bit of exercise to your daily routine. But did you know that even a little bit of exercise can also go a long way if you want to support and improve your mental health? Here are some of … Read more

How to Reduce Stress? Practical Strategies for a Healthier Life

how to reduce stress

In the world, we live in and in today’s life, stress has become a common companion in our lives, impacting both our physical and mental health. The need to know about different strategies to cope with stress is necessary to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health. In this article, we’ll discuss how to reduce … Read more

The role of physical activity in stress management

ways to deal with stress

Stress management is one of the most important life skills that we all need to learn in this fast- paced life. Sources of stress are around us, from work, business, money, love, marriage, and even family. Thus, learning ways to cope with stress is inevitable. There are numerous ways to deal with stress depending on … Read more

Fitness recommendations for 2017

way to deal with stress

In less time to good results Forty-five percent of all adults suffer from some health consequences of stress. 75-90% of all doctor visits are in some way related to stress. In the treatment of consequences of stress in the United States annually people spend 170 to 300 billion dollars, and in England 15 billion pounds. … Read more

5 Positive Ways To Deal With Stress in 2017

ways to deal with stress

A new year symbolizes a fresh start but definitely not one without stress. Stressors such as job issues, money troubles, relationship conflicts and even major life changes such as the loss of a loved one will always be with us. Without smart habits for dealing with the pressures of life, life can be a lot … Read more