5 Positive Ways To Deal With Stress in 2017

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ways to deal with stress

A new year symbolizes a fresh start but definitely not one without stress. Stressors such as job issues, money troubles, relationship conflicts and even major life changes such as the loss of a loved one will always be with us. Without smart habits for dealing with the pressures of life, life can be a lot more burdensome than it needs to be. Here are five positive ways to deal with stress in 2017.

Start exercising
Exercise has been proven to improve your overall health which puts more pep into your step every day. It also has some stress busting benefits. Targeted exercise increases the body’s endorphins levels – the hormones responsible for relieving pain and inducing feelings of pleasure. You don’t have to do much. Simple activities like walking for 20-30 minutes a day can raise your heartbeat lowering your stress levels. Be consistent and you’ll feel the difference.

Consume stress-busting foods
It’s tempting to reach for a cheeseburger when stressed but choose to go green instead. Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and kale are rich in folate which helps the body produce serotonin and dopamine – chemicals produced in the brain that regulate biological processes and help us to feel good. Consuming foods high in vitamin A and C such as oranges and lemons and foods high in Magnesium such as Salmon will also increase the secretion of the happy hormones into your blood stream providing an effective way to cope with stress.

Develop a sense of humour
Developing a sense of humor is an effective way to deal with stress. More giggles and guffaws will cause any stress you might have to go down tremendously in 2017. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, increases your heart rate and blood pressure and soothes tension by stimulating circulation. It also aids in muscle relaxation. All these reduce the physical symptoms of stress.

Do more of what you love
Dedicate more time in the new year to replenish your energy and lower your stress levels by doing the things that make you happy. Listen to more calm and soft music if that gets you into your “zone”. If getting massages is your thing then visit massage parlors more often in 2017. Also consider picking up a new hobby. You can even find something you can do in thirty minutes or less during your breaks at work. This is one of the healthy ways to deal with stress.

Watch your thoughts
Stress is a state of mental strain or worry that results from very demanding circumstances. In these circumstances our mind can go haywire and produce all kinds of negative thoughts with negative outcomes. This perception can be responsible for an increased feeling of anxiety and insecurity. By recognizing that thoughts are just that – thoughts – and they do not represent an objective reality we can become more in control of how we feel.

By thinking positive thoughts on purpose no matter the circumstance you’ll feel more in control and this will lower your stress levels. Focusing on what you want to happen instead of what you fear is one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety in 2017.

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