Effective Ways to Deal with Stress During Exam Period

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ways to deal with stress

Stress in the medical or biological definition is considered a mental, emotional or physical process which causes bodily or mental tension. Stress can either be external or internal.

It is part of daily routine in life situations which is experienced by almost everyone in their daily activities. However, students find themselves particularly stressed because of exam period as they have pressure of doing their best in their examination.

Following are ways of dealing with stress effectively during exam period:

Be prepared

Students are supposed to ensure that they have learned whatever they in their notes and books prior exam period to familiarize themselves with the exam. Students are required to know the exam form, allocation of marks with the aid of their teachers or exam board website.


When you find yourselves anxious, it is advisable to find oneself calm, quite space and try deeply breathing in and out a few minutes focusing your mind on something pleasant like beautiful place with happy memories.

Make a plan

Try planning how much time you have to revise and how the best use of it through making a timetable varying it not to get bored through updating the plan when necessary.

Reward yourself

Build treats in your timetable and look forward for the rewords sticking to it and planning exiting celebrations at the end of exams.

Take a break

Psychologists states that one can only concentrate properly for about forty five minutes at one stretch, while neuroscientists suggests that the longer we try and focus on one thing the our minds becomes less effective to deal with the issue.

Know when and where you work best

Work when you are most alert .wherever you feel cam and in control is the best place for dealing with exam stress.

Eat well

One should learn to keep the blood sugar levels steady so that they do not have energy dips during the day and they can sleep well at night. if you are so nervous during exam that you cannot eat the do not worry your body will catch up later however take lots of drink.

Get exercise

Exercise is the best way of dealing with exam stress. one can choose to run, ride a bike or swim. This helps to reduce physical tension that can lead to aches and pains and releases natural feel-good brain chemical.

Avoid stimulants

Stimulants like caffeine lots of cigarette, alcohol and drugs can give false expression that you are somehow with exam stress effectively. This is because they leave one craving for more and in excess slow or bring down or overstimulate you which may increase stress more on reality.

Keep it in perspective

In the event that you feel you have really messed up in an exam there is nothing one can do until they get the results. worrying about it will not help and may reduce the chances of doing better in the next exam. One should think about what they should do about a disappointing results that will make them feel in control.

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