How does being mindful manage stress?

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Mindfulness is a state where one is conscious of the inner thoughts that circulate in the mind. Being aware of the quality of the thoughts that are constantly repeated in our head is essential when dealing with stress management. We all have busy lives and would like to be more creative and productive throughout our day. For those of us who have a lot on their plate it is essential to take 5 minutes off as a breather, at least every hour, to reboot our mind and allow for a creative flow to take place.

Studies have shown repeatedly that creativity is a result of a peaceful state of mind. A constant peace that allows us to find inspiration and serenity and happiness in whatever we are doing. Think of it as the cup of coffee you have every morning that allows you to see through your day –it makes you happier and mentally prepares you to seize the day. Now imagine that we replicate this idea of a peaceful state multiple times per day, our day would get a lot better and that is exactly what being mindful is.

We all have busy schedules and have a long to-do list that circulates around our agendas on a regular basis, constantly updating itself –it seems like our tasks are never going to end. The good news is that this is not true. We are in full control of our life and the circumstances around us and realizing this is a first stepping-stone to better dealing with stress.

Different steps to becoming mindful

Other than doing yoga to practice mindfulness, there are many ways in which stress can be better managed through mindfulness and below are some recommendations:


Being able to put the buzzing phone on airplane mode not only allows you to sit back and relax, but it actually trains your disciple. You’re consciously putting in the effort and prioritize your creativity and peace of mind before commencing your next task. This decreases stress as no more pop-up notifications with the next thing to do appears and you can sit down and enjoy the silence, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

Ground in nature

Nature can be a great way to reduce your stress levels. In fact, history shows that rich families in the past where happier and in a better mental state and better off financially in part because they used to go out for walks in their gardens during the day. Feel the green grass in your feet (yes take off your shoes if you must!). Make it a part of your routine to take a walk, if not every day, every other day, to attain a better flow of energy and peace.


This had to come at some point. Meditation allows you to be with your thoughts. Open your heart and mind and listen to what the voices are telling you, sometimes midst the constant chatter might come an inspirational or creative idea. It is also important to sit and observe your thoughts and not give them significance, just sit there and watch them without any emotional attachment to any of the things they say.

Take life as a big game and have fun with the activities and things that you are doing. Surround yourself with laughter and create a life of value for yourself. In this way, you are increasing your “happy meter” while greatly reducing stress.

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