7 ways to deal with stress

Deep breathing and relaxation of muscles, yoga, aromatherapy, walks are some of the methods that facilitate psychological pressure.

Stress occupy us every day, and with it, many of us can not handle . In many situations in life, we can not influence, or we can, as experts say, influence the way we experience the situation we are going through and how we deal with it.

A large number of long-term psychotherapy helps. In the short term, you can help yourself with techniques that are accepting among psychiatrists and psychologists.Here are some methods which reduce the effect of stress but in a few minutes. These methods will help you to deal with stress in the most effective way.

Progressive Relaxation

Tighten all the muscles of the body (head to toe), but then at the same time, relax them a bit, until you reach complete relaxation. This technique helps to easily and quickly fall asleep.


Yoga relieves the physical consequences of stress which are deposited in the body: through relaxation and reducing levels of cortisol – a stress hormone. This is aggravated by the positive effects that are recorded by reducing high blood pressure and heart rate, improves digestive function and strengthen the immune system, reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, dizziness, asthma and insomnia.

Deep breathing

When you take a deep breath, levels of the hormone cortisol is reduced, which helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Sit on the bed and keep your eyes closed. Open your mouth. Loudly breathe in and out three times deep in the abdomen, as if you want to fuzz the mirror. Then close your mouth and continue to breathe in and out for several minutes. Open your eyes and breathe in silence.


One of the fragrances that have proven a beneficial effect on calming the mind and body is lavender. Besides lavender you can also choose the following oils: pine, bergamot, palmarosa, rosewood.

Listening to music

Researchers point to the different ways in which music helps to relieve stress, triggering the natural regulators of stress in the body.


It was shown that laughter positively affects the convergence of people, but also against stress and many other diseases. It also removes the feeling of fatigue. When laughter is thunderous , then are activated almost all the muscles of the body. While people laugh, blood pressure decreases, increases blood flow throughout the body, increases the supply of blood oxygen, reduces the level of stress hormones in the body, and reduces the feeling of pain, which significantly improves mood.


The study of English scientists points out that “walking therapy” should be considered as a full treatment because you walk through nature to relieve depression and restore confidence. Walking briskly or running activates neurons in the brain that are relaxing body tension, anxiety and even depression.

As well good technique for dealing the stress with success is a method of creative visualization. For those who do not have any doubt that God exists and that he knows what he’s doing a prayer is an essential way to preserve the health of both body and spirit.

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