Sleep, Exercise and Time Management to reduce stress

Maybe at one time or another, you may have experienced trouble while sleeping. Don’t worry this is normal, sometimes it may be as result of stress or some other outside factor. But if you have sleep problems for a long time that’s not normal. It could be that you are suffering from a sleep disorder which causes even more than insomnia at nights. The lack of quality sleep may have negative effect on your health, energy or cause insomnia which makes it difficult to fall asleep, hence staying asleep and affecting the quality of your sleep. The hyperarousal caused by stress may upset the whole balance between sleep and wakefulness. Mostly, stress is caused by lack of enough sleep. To deal with stress first, you need to set your bedtime. By this, I mean that you will allocate enough time for sleeping. Secondly, focus on setting yourself with different sleep behaviour. Stress is painful, it may also control you. When you suffer from sleeping problems, you walk into your bedroom feeling anxious and uncomfortable, as you know, from experience that you may be spending the whole night tossing and turning around. The bedroom should always be pleasing, very comfortable and well saturated with fresh air. One thing is that you should use your bedroom only for sleep and changing clothes. Some activities such as watching TV and working on the computer or even studying should not take place in the bedroom.

Physical activity may also help in preventing and reducing stress. In this case, you don’t need to be an athlete, to spend of your time in the field training or at the gym to enjoy the benefits. Exercising reduces stress and also burn away the tension, frustration and anger you have inside you. Physical activity will help to release endorphins that make you feel happy and also boost   your mood. Exercising for only 30 minutes, may build your fitness gradually. In fact, exercising only 20 minutes daily will make your heart beat, make you burn calories, make you sweat, give you energy and will help in reducing stress. It does not matter what exercise you choose to engage in provided you move all of your body parts for some time.

You will always feel less stressed if you manage our time well. It does not matter whether its work, school or your private business. Time management will always make it easier to focus and perform well in your job. Planning your time well will play a great role in reducing your stress since you will always know where to be at a particular time. If you fail to plan your time well, first you will wake up late, do your preparations in a hurry and finally get to work late. Unfortunately, the boss will always quarry for getting to work late and this will definitely trigger stress.

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  1. “Some activities such as watching TV and working on the computer or even studying should take place in the bedroom.”

    Think you should say it shouldn’t take place in the bathroom


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