5 Creative Outlets to Relieve Stress

When you’re stressed or depressed about something, it’s incredibly hard to be productive or do anything meaningful towards a goal.

Many times people feel overwhelmed, sick, irritation and other unpleasant feelings. While difficult to avoid stress completely, it’s not impossible.

Consider doing a creative hobby or activity to increase your mood. The goal of creative activities in this manner isn’t to create a masterpiece, but to change your mindset.

Write it Out

Writing or typing your thoughts and emotions can be a great way of dealing with stress. Some people will write with the notion of coming to an idea. Others may write just to get the thoughts out.

Writing about an issue that bothers you can help to find clarity about a situation. It may help to write about topics that are not related to your stressors or daily activities.

Journaling your experience is one of the easiest methods of dealing with a situation. Writing can be done anywhere as long as you have writing utensils. Let writing be your therapy.

Draw, Color or Paint

Much like writing, drawing is a powerful creative outlet. Whether you’re drawing from real-life, abstract, or some sort of combination, art is therapeutic.

Experimenting with color, style, and patterns will give you a greater variety of aesthetic to look over.

Art can easily transport a person to another place and time. When dealing with stress, “transporting” to another space is a happy distraction.

Listen to Music

Just listening to music can elevate your mood. Depending on your energy level, the type of music you listen to will influence you as well.

Ambient or instrumental music lets your thoughts wander without specifically directing them. Dance, reggae, and other upbeat music gets you moving.

Dancing with the music is a fun way to relax and work out as well. While listening to songs is great, if you know how to play an instrument, you’ll be even better off. Concentrating on something that is a direct extension of yourself, is powerfully uplifting.

Try a DIY Project

Putting your mind and energy into DIY projects can be creatively fulfilling and relaxing. Projects can range from creating décor to learning a new skill.

Many times the project will be useful to you in some way afterward. DIY projects present you with a unique option to relax. Moreover, you get to decide how big or small the project is.

If you’re stupid stressed, a longer project could be more beneficial. Learning a new skill takes your thoughts off of anything that isn’t related to the process.

Cook or Bake

Creating something that looks good and tastes even better is uplifting. Make the time you spend preparing food fun and relaxing.

Experiment with a new spice or flavor to add something different to your taste buds. Discover new ways to make your favorite food and be inspired by the experience.

Cooking doesn’t require anyone to be a highly trained professional. Just visit any cooking website and you have a ton of options and recipes to choose from.

You don’t have to be “creative” to do these activities. They just require some imaginary and free time. Whatever you do, make sure you use the time as a way to relax and get away from stressors.

Depending on the situation, you will have a different amount of time to work on the activity. Find enough time to relax and unwind while expressing your creative side.

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