The different types of meditations practices

The Different Types of Meditation Practices

We’re constantly thinking. We are thinking about our next meal, our next dopamine fix, our next whatever. It’s compulsive, addictive, and sometimes harmful. Not to bash thinking; it’s essential to live and thrive. However, a large amount of your thinking is not helpful-a lot of it: Negative. So how do we focus less on the … Read more

Self-Care Strategies for Stress Reduction

ways to deal with stress

Life is a microcosm of hardships and fun times. Everyone encounters stress no matter the job position, home situation, or social circumstance. These events can be especially rough and draining if you aren’t prepared to handle them. While no one can isolate themselves from stress, people can reduce the amount of pressure that they feel. … Read more

Being Present Means More Than You May Think

ways to deal with stress

When is the last time you sat and focused on the task at hand? Without doing something else, or thinking about something else, or not wholly doing the job on autopilot. I can answer that for many people, and it’s either never, or a very long while. I too was a victim of the hustle … Read more

How does being mindful manage stress?

ways to deal with stress

Mindfulness is a state where one is conscious of the inner thoughts that circulate in the mind. Being aware of the quality of the thoughts that are constantly repeated in our head is essential when dealing with stress management. We all have busy lives and would like to be more creative and productive throughout our … Read more