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Are you feeling unsatisfied with life? Overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or different demanding situations? Take control of your properly-being with – wherein existence-converting therapy meets convenience. And this service is also now giving you online yoga service to make your life unstressed. offers you the maximum entire toolbox there is. Your therapist is ready to help you through the best journey of your existence. So what are you expecting?

So, What is

A Therapy Platform Based on Science

Online therapy application is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT has evolved on the idea that your mind is what reasons your feelings and behaviors, no longer outside stimuli like humans, conditions, and events.

CBT is one of the most commonly used techniques for treating mental issues. Studies display that online remedies primarily based on CBT are just as powerful as traditional face-to-face remedies.

The Complete Toolbox

Qualified Therapist

Your personal therapist will be by your side – from start to finish. Guiding you to a happier you through the sections, worksheets, unlimited messaging, and live sessions (available as video, voice only, or text chat). You can do this from wherever you are in the world.


Each section includes all the information and hands-on tools that you need to identify, challenge, and overcome your problems. The sections are available as video (guided by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD), audio, and/or text.


There are several worksheets in each section. In each worksheet, you will answer questions and get valuable hands-on tools and tips from your therapist on a daily basis.

Live Sessions

Each week you will have access to 45 minutes of live chat with your therapist. The live sessions are available as video, voice only, or text. This is a perfect opportunity to get instant guidance and support.

Unlimited Messaging 

In addition to communicating with your therapist through the worksheets and the live sessions, you can always send them a message with any questions or thoughts.


This easy-to-use journal helps you start and end your day in a more positive way. You will soon notice a big difference in your attitude towards yourself and life by just writing a few notes each morning and evening.

Activity Plan

This is where you add and schedule the things that will add extra light to your life! The activity plan also serves as a written agreement with yourself. It greatly increases the chances of you carrying out your plans!

online yoga


An Online Yoga Feature is the latest addition to the” happiness toolbox”! These simple videos are perfect when you need help coping with your depression, anxiety, or stress. They are perfect when you need an instant boost of gratitude and happiness.

Welcome to the sector of online yoga and meditation, in which health meets peace of thought. Here’ You’ll meet  Petra, your guide in this transformative adventure, and she’ll thrilled to be part of your online therapy software at 

Through a series of loose yoga and meditation motion pictures, the team of pursuits to deliver light into your life and assist you find out the restoration electricity of yoga.

Yoga is not just about physical exercising; yoga is a holistic method of well-being that can benefit both your frame and mind. Scientists have notably studied the results of yoga on intellectual fitness, and the results are promising. Regular exercise can lessen pressure, alleviate symptoms of hysteria and depression, and improve universal temper.

From lowering stress to locating internal peace, yoga has been a consistent supply of energy and positivity.

First, you should watch the introduction video, and explore the variety of yoga and meditation films that the service is offering. Whether you’re trying to relax, de-stress, or sincerely upload extra motion into your day, there is something for every person. So, take a deep breath, roll out your mat, start your online yoga videos and be a part in this tremendous journey to well-being.

Let’s upload light into your lifestyles, one yoga pose at a time.

In this activity plan, you are advised to do things every day that add more balance and joy to your life. Small actions every day will have a great impact on your long-term overall happiness. One thing that science proves has many benefits – both physical and mental – is having a consistent yoga practice. I know from personal experience what a positive impact yoga can have when dealing with depression and anxiety. I want to spread this knowledge and experience to help you bring more light to your life. That’s why I prefer you add yoga videos to your daily routine through 

Here are listed some of the many benefits of adding practicing yoga into your activity plan and your daily life below.

Physical Benefits of Doing Yoga

Strength and Flexibility: Yoga strengthens and stretches the complete body, catering to all ranges of flexibility. Starting yoga stiff can cause massive upgrades through the years.

Posture Improvement: Emphasizing a tall backbone and the most effective posture in yoga poses can enhance your everyday posture, selling spinal fitness and alignment.

Enhanced Blood Flow: Various poses in yoga, including inversions and twists, boost blood circulation, turning in oxygenated blood for the duration of the body.

Lower Blood Pressure: Yoga’s stress-relieving poses and breathing sporting activities spark off the parasympathetic fearful gadget, lowering blood stress and promoting rest.

Heart Health: Even sluggish yoga practices can reduce resting heart rate, boost patience, and improve oxygen uptake, reaping the benefits of cardiovascular fitness.

Lymphatic System Stimulation: Yoga moves and poses assist pass lymph fluid, assisting in the removal of toxins and boosting immunity.

Improved Lung Function: Yoga encourages efficient breathing, the use of whole lung capability, and growing oxygen saturation within the blood.

Digestive Health: Yoga can alleviate digestive troubles by lowering strain and incorporating poses that stimulate and support digestive characteristics.

Immune System Boost: Daily yoga helps the immune system by decreasing stress hormones, improving lung and breathing features, and selling detoxification and oxygenation of organs.

online yoga

Mental Benefits of Doing Yoga 

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Relief: Yoga boosts serotonin tiers, reduces strain hormones, and teaches relaxation, supporting manage stress, anxiety, and melancholy.

Balanced Life: An ordinary yoga exercise promotes self-care, main to healthier selections, consisting of warding off harmful materials, preserving a balanced weight loss plan, and looking for high-quality relationships.

Improved Focus and Mental Clarity: Yoga shifts consciousness from bad notion patterns to the existing second, improving attention and decreasing intellectual muddle.

Calmness and Better Sleep: Yoga activates the rest-and-digest mode of the frightened machine, aiding in rest and enhancing sleep.

Enhanced Self-Esteem: Yoga fosters a non-judgmental mindset, boosting self-esteem and self-consciousness, and empowering people to prioritize self-care.

Coping Mechanism: While yoga would not get rid of lifestyle’s demanding situations, it equips practitioners with coping mechanisms, including popularity and gratitude, to face problems greater successfully.

Yoga is a flexible tool for mental well-being, supplying blessings beyond the physical realm. Its holistic technique can decorate your usual nice lifestyle, selling mental clarity, emotional stability, and an experience of well-being.

Who will be Your Yoga Teacher in Online Yoga Sessions?

Petra Nordstrom a certified Vinyasa Flow, pre and postnatal yoga teacher with a sincere passion for doing things that add happiness to life. Her mission in life is to help others get back on their feet when suffering from depression and anxiety. 

The main tool for bringing more light and happiness into life is by stepping on the yoga mat. This means every single day, if possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s just sitting and breathing for three minutes, or doing a long, sweaty yoga flow. created many yoga videos, in addition to the other therapy tools, that will help you to take the actions you need to bring more light into your life.

Your therapist is ready to start the journey with you today

So what are you waiting for?


  1. How can I get started with

    To get started with, simply sign up for an account and begin exploring the various tools and resources available. You can connect with a therapist, access sections, worksheets, live sessions, and start incorporating yoga into your daily routine for improved mental well-being.

  2. How can I get started with the Yoga Feature?

    First, you should watch the introduction video, learn about your yoga teacher. When you’re satisfied, incorporate yoga into your daily routine by signing up into through the link I gave you in the article.

  3. Can I access to Yoga videos any time?

    Yes, some yoga videos are already posted in the Yoga section on the It is a free service you can access anytime, anywhere.

  4. Can I talk to my Yoga trainer?

    Yes, you can talk to your Yoga Teacher: Miss Petra Nordstrom anytime through comments or e-mail that is mentioned on the page.

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