Is Your Mental Health Turning into Shambles?

Looking after your mental health is one of the best things you can do for your overall well-being. Unfortunately, it is often easier said than done. And worse, life sometimes throws a joke on you that can swallow all your resolve to do better and be better.

This is why it is important to understand and know the signs that your mental health is starting to decline. Here are some indications that your mental health is turning into shambles:

Appetite or Weight Changes

Declining mental health is one of the potential culprits behind sudden weight loss or weight gain. Many people often turn to food to cope with their problems. Some people stuff their faces with food while others lose their appetite, both of which can result in significant weight changes.

Recurrent Feelings of Depression

It is normal to feel sad now and then. But it is a completely different story if you feel sad all the time. Depression is a disorder that manifests itself in different ways. These include constant feelings of sadness, low energy levels, or loss of interest in activities that were once loved and enjoyed.

If sadness always comes to you and you cannot seem to shake it off no matter how much you try, it might be an indication that your mental health is going downhill.

Disconnection from Reality

Whenever you are having a hard time, it is all too easy to let your thoughts overpower your entire being. You might feel like the world you are living in is different from that of other people. As a result, you feel a sense of disconnection both from the people around you and the reality you are in.

It can be very dangerous to have such feelings because you might end up developing negative behaviors you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Feelings of Irritability

Annoyance is a very common emotion but feeling irritable all the time might be a sign of a deeper and more serious problem. If even the most minor problems bother you or you constantly lash out at people around you, now is the best time for you to step back and assess your mental health and well-being.

Avoiding Family and Friends

It is important to have some “me time” now and then but avoiding and isolating yourself from family and friends may mean that something is wrong. Social contact is crucial as it can help lift your mood and ensure that your intrusive inner thoughts don’t swallow you whole. Check on your mental health to know if something causes you to avoid social contact more than usual.

Constant Guilt

Intrusive thoughts that result in unhealthy amounts of guilt feelings are also common indications of poor mental health. You might always think about how much failed in life or that everything is your fault.

You might even start developing some self-deprecating behaviors like taking the blame for things all the time or making jokes about how awful you are. Poor mental health can also make you feel guilt for different reasons leading to intrusive thoughts and self-deprecating humor.

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